The Novice Baker’s Drip Cake

It all started with a slightly frantic phone call from the mother in law. We’d organised together, a celebratory weekend for my sister-in-law, well, organised everything except the cake apparently. And having only realised this the Monday before the event, it was too late to even do a dry run. So, in a blind panic, … Continue reading The Novice Baker’s Drip Cake

Yummy Scrummy Cup Cakes

Cup cakes are my friends. My best friends. Ok, so its more a love-hate relationship. I love them and they hate me – well they hate my figure! ☹ “Cupcakes are fairly easy to make” – this from every mom friend of mine. Well let me tell you, cupcakes are fairly easy to make if … Continue reading Yummy Scrummy Cup Cakes

Crunchy Demerara Biscuits

This recipe was handed down to me by my mother in law, it is hands down, one of my absolute favourites. Super easy to make and disappears as quickly as an hour after I’ve baked it! Great with a cup of tea or coffee, perfect comfort food and next to no effort in getting it … Continue reading Crunchy Demerara Biscuits