Avocado Wrap

A hearty healthy meal that needs only a few ingredients and hardly any baby-sitting!

Easy Mixed Veg Savoury Rice

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am always in a hurry! I conveniently forget about dinner until its too late and then I am scrounging my brain for ideas to get dinner out in a short space of time!  During one such occasion, this particular dish was born. An easy to make, one … Continue reading Easy Mixed Veg Savoury Rice

Samiya Upma (Vermicelli Noodles)

Samiya Upma is an all-time favourite. It is suitable to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack! Anytime I ask my children what they would like for dinner, it is usually “spaghetti” or “noodles”, whilst I am happy to indulge them, it can get quite repetitive having the same things. So, I … Continue reading Samiya Upma (Vermicelli Noodles)

Rasam in a hurry

Rasam is a famous soup like dish in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and the surrounding places. Rasam in Tamil is pepper-water (Milagu Thani). It has a water like consistency and you’ll probably find it in Indian restaurants abroad as “Indian Soup”.  There are several varieties of Rasam, Tomato Rasam, Garlic Rasam, Pepper Rasam, … Continue reading Rasam in a hurry

Bisibelabath (One Pot Sambhar Rice)

Bisibelabath is a well-known South Indian dish. Otherwise called Sambhar Saadam. It is predominantly made during weddings or for festivals and is a rich and creamy dish fit for any celebration. Thankfully, with the Instant Pot, it is made even easier as you still everything in a pot (apart from tempering ingredients) and relax! Oh … Continue reading Bisibelabath (One Pot Sambhar Rice)

Sweet and Spicy Chicken (with pasta)

Pasta plays a key part in parenthood sanity – especially spaghetti or as it is known in our house – “pasghettis”. What kid doesn’t like spaghetti? To mine, nothing will compare to the joy of picking up each strand of spaghetti, making it wriggle like a worm, lift your hand as high as it will … Continue reading Sweet and Spicy Chicken (with pasta)

Masala Scrambled Eggs and Toast with a difference (Super Easy)

Necessity is the mother of invention – I use this like an everyday mantra. Mainly because unless it is necessary, I hardly ever deviate from mundane routine…why rock the boat when it works eh?! So when I fell ill with “man-flu” (also known as mild congestion and discomfort which may cause excessive delusion that the … Continue reading Masala Scrambled Eggs and Toast with a difference (Super Easy)

Easy Urulaikizhangu Fry (Potato Fry) – Vegan/Vegetarian/Kid friendly

The humble potato is pretty much an all-time favourite for children and grown-ups alike! As you well know, it takes many forms, French fries, mashed potatoes, roasties, potato gratin, hash browns and potato pancakes just to name a few. When I have no time to cook an elaborate meal, when I am too tired, stressed … Continue reading Easy Urulaikizhangu Fry (Potato Fry) – Vegan/Vegetarian/Kid friendly

Murungaikkai Sambhar (Drumstick Sambhar) – contains dairy

Have you ever been to any city in South India? If you try and drown out the crowd, the vehicles and the noise, close your eyes and breathe deeply while walking past a foodie place, your senses will be taken for a wicked ride and a smile is bound to appear on your face. If … Continue reading Murungaikkai Sambhar (Drumstick Sambhar) – contains dairy