Easy Urulaikizhangu Fry (Potato Fry) – Vegan/Vegetarian/Kid friendly

The humble potato is pretty much an all-time favourite for children and grown-ups alike! As you well know, it takes many forms, French fries, mashed potatoes, roasties, potato gratin, hash browns and potato pancakes just to name a few. When I have no time to cook an elaborate meal, when I am too tired, stressed … Continue reading Easy Urulaikizhangu Fry (Potato Fry) – Vegan/Vegetarian/Kid friendly

Murungaikkai Sambhar (Drumstick Sambhar) – contains dairy

Have you ever been to any city in South India? If you try and drown out the crowd, the vehicles and the noise, close your eyes and breathe deeply while walking past a foodie place, your senses will be taken for a wicked ride and a smile is bound to appear on your face. If … Continue reading Murungaikkai Sambhar (Drumstick Sambhar) – contains dairy

The Novice Baker’s Drip Cake

It all started with a slightly frantic phone call from the mother in law. We’d organised together, a celebratory weekend for my sister-in-law, well, organised everything except the cake apparently. And having only realised this the Monday before the event, it was too late to even do a dry run. So, in a blind panic, … Continue reading The Novice Baker’s Drip Cake

Venn Pongal (Contains Dairy)

This particular South Indian breakfast dish is a game changer. Have you heard the phrase “Once you start, you can’t stop”, well I am pretty sure that phrase was invented for this mouth-watering, delectable dish that will leave you wanting more! Growing up, I was not very pious and would regularly have tantrums about having … Continue reading Venn Pongal (Contains Dairy)

Kovaikkai Fry (Ivy gourd Fry) (Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free)

Kovaikkai is a small vegetable that looks like a baby cucumber. Its texture is similar to cucumber but exceptionally flavourful when you unlock its potential by frying it along with mild spices. You can have this as a side dish with Rasam rice, Sambhar rice or my personal favourite – Thayir Sadham (Curd rice). You … Continue reading Kovaikkai Fry (Ivy gourd Fry) (Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free)

Yummy Scrummy Cup Cakes

Cup cakes are my friends. My best friends. Ok, so its more a love-hate relationship. I love them and they hate me – well they hate my figure! ☹ “Cupcakes are fairly easy to make” – this from every mom friend of mine. Well let me tell you, cupcakes are fairly easy to make if … Continue reading Yummy Scrummy Cup Cakes

Red Cabbage Savoury Rice (Vegan, Vegetarian)

It is not a secret that children are fussy eaters by nature – well, most of them anyway. I struggle sometimes to be creative and incite excitement in my two little human monkeys about dinner. My son will eat spaghetti every meal if it was a possibility and my daughter, well crisps or chips or … Continue reading Red Cabbage Savoury Rice (Vegan, Vegetarian)

Sambhar Powder

Growing up, one of my distinct memories is walking to the grinding mill with my mum so we could stock up on whatever ground spice mix we were running low on. They make all sorts of powders there including buy Sambhar Powder, Rasam Powder, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder etc. I remember the strong smell of … Continue reading Sambhar Powder

Curry base/curry paste

Today’s post is going to be more of a cooking 101 rather than an individual recipe.  Some Indian recipes can take quite a bit of prep before you can start getting the dish going. I like to read Indian recipe books in my spare time and I’ll be honest, some of the elaborate recipes with … Continue reading Curry base/curry paste